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Regent Seven Seas Explorer

Luxury Cruising – Regent Seven Seas Explorer

As the popularity in cruises continues to rise so do the number of new ships coming into service. One of those belongs to Regent...

From Diplomacy to Luxury

Since 2013 foreign diplomatic missions and their residences in London have either been sold or are considering relocation in other less pricey enclaves of...

Monaco Residential Property Review

The tiny sovereign Principality of Monaco has always been home for the world’s wealthiest and offers for those considering living in the 2 square...
LaurentBaillet Monet

Art Fraud: Buyer Beware

The wealthy have always found ways of investing their money to make more money or at least that's the idea. One longtime and popular...
Jimmy Choo

Britain’s Luxury Exports

As the Brexit vote nears, one of the main fears has been the effect on the economy should Britain vote to leave the E.U. ...
Global Pension Disaster

The Global Pension Disaster

One of the most important issues whether it is Brexit or the American election confronting individuals is the fate of the economy and their...