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An Interview with Rob Knighton – Actor and Model

This week The Wealth Scene had the opportunity to catch up with Rob Knighton - a man whose career literally took off after a...

An Interview with AGA Brand Ambassador – Laura James

This week The Wealth Scene takes a look at one of the iconic brands and designs synonymous with the kitchen. A design classic that stirred...
Jeremy Standley

An Interview With Jeremy Standley – Destination Wedding Photographer

Jeremy Standley is a destination wedding photographer based in Spain with over 300 weddings in a dozen countries and numerous industry awards. We caught...

Stefan Avanzato – Leading Men’s Hair Stylist at Dolce & Gabbana

Stefan Avanzato is currently the leading men's hair stylist for Dolce & Gabbana at their flagship store in New Bond Street London W1 . ...
Caroline Castigliano

An Interview With Caroline Castigliano – The Internationally Renowned Fashion Designer

Caroline Castigliano is an internationally renowned designer of luxury wedding dresses and bridal gowns. She has also recently launched a range of bespoke cocktail and...
Polo by the Edge

An interview with Neil Egerton of Polo by the Edge

This is an interview with Neil Egerton, the internationally renowned action sports photographer, whose images have graced publications the world over. Here, he talks...