Walt Disney World Florida

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has added a world-class luxury hotel to its park. The Four Seasons 5 star resort opened earlier this month.

Disney already have the impressive Grand Floridian hotel with 867 rooms, however it doesn’t even come close to The Four Seasons, a luxurious chain that has more 5-star ratings than any other hotel in America.

With over 18 million visitors a year and spanning 43-square miles, Forbes had this to say about Disney’s new approach towards luxury, “Walt Disney World is an iconic global attraction that defies class or demographic – for the most part, kids are kids, and families want to come here period, whether rich or not.”

Four Seasons Room

A stay at Disney’s Four Seasons doesn’t come cheap at $600 per night, so it may not be for everyone, but this is what you can expect should your holiday budget stretch to it:

  • Free coach transport around the Disney complex, including free delivery of souvenirs right back to your hotel room. No more carrying around shopping bags all day.
  • A 5-acre “Explorer Island:” a private water park that includes a lazy river ride, a “splash zone” marked by several jets and slides, climbing walls, a BBQ restaurant, and of course, a massive 7,000-square foot pool.
  • 18 different spa “treatment” rooms, including the new Aroma Design Bar, where guests can create their own fragrance to take home.
  • A 9-room Royal Suite on the top floor, the first in all of the Four Seasons hotels, that can be expanded to the entire top level.
  • Six brand new, award-winning restaurants and bars, including a Spanish-style rooftop bar with views of Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks.

For more information go to: www.fourseasons.com