Luxurious Garden Rooms

According to a report issued earlier this year, the sales of ‘garden rooms’ – from shepherd huts to larger bespoke spaces – increased by 22% last year* – building on rapid growth in 2014 and 2015. Whether it’s individual families avoiding the cost of moving house (particularly the cost of stamp duty) or a prep school creating a separate library, the popularity of building a garden room continues to build momentum.

Chris Hill, Garden Hideouts’ MD, says, ‘More people are realising that there is no reason why a garden room cannot be just as beautifully designed as any room in their house.  We have our own in-house interior design team, so a client doesn’t need to brief a separate company on the look and feel they want to create.’

There is also a growing trend towards garden rooms becoming more elaborate and luxurious – underfloor heating is now pretty standard and there is no reason why an extra bedroom in your garden can’t come with a steam room and dressing room as well as a luxury en-suite. Considering both the design of a garden room and its interior has enabled Garden Hideouts to be particularly creative. ‘Whether we are designing a play room, a treatment room or a combined office and gym, when the design of the structure fuses with the design of the interior, the result is always more successful,’ says Chris Hill.

‘Until recently, many people wouldn’t consider suggesting that their mother moves into a ‘room in the garden’ but once they see how luxurious and large the spaces we create can be – and how a meticulously decorated bedroom, en-suite bathroom, dressing area and living space can all be designed exactly to their own taste, they are almost tempted to move in themselves!’

*Compiled by The Garden Room Guide


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