Sublime food in even more spectacular locations offers one of the most memorable experiences part of travelling to different parts of the world. Whether your main reason for travelling is a culinary experience trying out the best local dishes or exquisite original dishes created by the world’s most renowned Michelin star chefs, My Private Villas not only gives access to many of the world’s most exclusive properties for holiday rental, but it is also specialized in offering tailor made experiences for its discerned guests.


Spain’s passion, vibrancy and colour are encapsulated in the country’s dedication to great food. Dinnertime extends for hours, tapas bars dominate old-world streets, and there are ladles of flair in every dish. Eating in Spain is anything but a passive routine, here the delicacies on the table take center stage. Each traditional dish comes with stories of history, romance and adventure. Immerse into the fine indulgence by exploring the country’s four finest gastronomic regions: Catalonia, La Rioja, Basque and Galicia. Discover Northern Spain’s iconic dishes with tapas crawls in the charming old towns, then continue to Galicia to try the Galician octopus, following to the Basque country for the black sausage, Catalonia for its Cava and afterwards to Valencia for an authentic paella in its city of origin.

Choosing Mas Mateu , a grand 18th estate with a world class equestrian centre as a holiday home for a luxury vacation in Catalonia offers easy access to two of the best Michelin restaurants worldwide: El Bulli and El Celler de Can Roca.

For those who wish to experience fine dining in the privacy of their own holiday residence, Isla Sa Ferradura is an ideal place since the team of 22 experienced staff members including a head chef can cater to all wishes. It is an ultra-luxury private island connected to the mainland Ibiza by a small, hidden, two sided beach, thus accessible by road or by boat. The highlight of this hideaway is the 750 square metre rooftop terrace with shady pergolas, two bars, a DJ mixing deck and a stage area.


Food lovers who are also looking for romance, classical beauty, charming architecture and picturesque landscapes will be drawn to taking a culinary vacation in France. Where is better to learn the secrets of the famous French cuisine than in Paris?  Enjoy the epicurean delights in the city of love while dining at world-famous restaurants or get pampered by staying at Chateau Bouffemont to feel like an aristrocrat with wine tasting and private cooking classes organized at this remarkable 19th century baronial chateau. Amazing food complemented with the right wine is part of the French lifestyle, therefore a gastronomic tour in France is not complete without visiting the vineyards and cellars in Bordeaux and Burgundy to taste the world-class wines.

Further south, discerning travelers will be seduced by the aromas of herbs and lavender fields of Provence. The regional specialties from the South of France will excite your taste buds. From freshly-caught seafood to huge plates of pasta, the restaurants in Côte d’Azur serve some of the most delicious food around. La Réserve Ramatuelle is very close to the glamorous St Tropez and the beautiful beaches of the French Riviera, and moreover it offers to its guests the ultimate luxury to be in an exclusive hotel spa with its own Michelin star restaurant. La Voile is a restaurant known for its culinary creativity by reinventing the classic Provençal and epicurean Mediterranean cuisine. La Reserve Villa 10 is one of the private holiday residences part of La Réserve Ramatuelle luxury resort.


Italy cannot be missed on the destinations list for the food and wine connoisseurs.  It has such rich and varied regional cuisines ranging from light seafood dishes on the coast, beef and butter in Lombardy to Arab influenced spices in Sicily. Coming to Italy to enjoy its famous cuisine offers the opportunity to appreciate authentic, regional food, to learn to cook typical Italian dishes with a local chef, taste the very best Italian wines while visiting the vineyards and dine in the fantastic restaurants which use the outstanding local produce such as truffles, olive oils, Parma ham, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

Stay in a charming private Tuscan castle with its own vineyards, olive groves, farm-land and forests such as Castello di Vicarello and learn from the private chefs who will cook mouthwatering seasonal dishes.

My Private Villas creates bespoke travel experiences for its discerned guests, by giving access to the world’s most exclusive holiday rental properties and an unrivalled package of services and privileges.

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