Prior to 2013, there was a gap in the market for a high end shoe shine service to serve the Mayfair & St James inhabitants of London at the many events and launch parties in this exclusive area. In November 2013 two of the leading London based shoe shine companies decided to come together to form a collaboration known as the Mayfair Shoeshine Collective to solve this problem.

There is over 34 years combined experience in the team, this complimented by luxurious shoe shine units and chairs make the collaboration a real force to be reckoned with in the industry.

The Mayfair Shoeshine Collective offers a unique and luxurious element of shoe shining that others cannot rival. Their range of expertly honed patina services that have been learned and mastered over many years throughout Europe are now available in Britain.

Mayfair Shoeshine Collective decided to launch their “Event Support Service” at Browns of London on the night of the 14th November 2013, where they supported a fashion event at their store on South Molton Street in London. On Thursday 27th February the collaboration were invited to an exclusive and confidential event at Kensington Roof Gardens to support a major brand event and offer out free shoe shines to the attendees.

It seems that London and the rest of the UK is really beginning to take notice of the excellent services and skills of both companies respectively and their individual talents brought together as more bookings are being penned in the diary for events throughout 2014.

The services offered by Mayfair Shoeshine Collective will make a great addition to any product launch, exclusive event or corporate hospitality event and leave attendees completely satisfied.

You can follow Mayfair Shoeshine on Twitter by adding username @CollectiveShine or following this link.

For more information regarding specialist patina shoe shine services please contact Stephen at, if you would like to know more about Mayfair Shoeshine Collective services post a message or tweet on Twitter for a free consultation and quote.

Jock Kennedy


The shine on your shoes tells the world where you stand!

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