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The car industry has had a busy month with several new models and upgrades announced by the major manufacturers ahead of the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Bentley has added a number of upgrades to the Continental GT and the Flying Spur that will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show later this year. The Continental models see a little reshaping, larger wheels on the outside, whilst on the inside, new instrument panels, full led lighting and the inclusion of a secret compartment large enough to conceal an ipad (which is perhaps not quite so secret now).

The W12 version also sees some engine improvements resulting in increased horsepower and torque whilst reducing emissions and improving fuel economy.

The Flying Spur receives similar tweaks with the addition of a sporty new steering wheel, 3 additional colour options for the exterior and 2 new choices of hide for the interior.
As the promotional video of the W12 demonstrates – the Continental GT still looks and sounds as magnificent as ever.

Porsche have unveiled their latest offering, the Cayman GT4 with some very impressive statistics indeed – so much so it has the potential perhaps to replace the flagship 911 as the Porsche of choice with the remarkably competitive price tag.
Due for release at the Geneva Motor Show in March, it looks set to be one of the most talked about cars of 2015. If the marketing video is anything to go by it will be a tough act to follow for the 911 range.


Ferrari also announced a stunning new model, the Ferrari 488 GTB. Arguably one of the best looking Ferrari’s to date and the first mid-rear-engined V8 to roll out of the factory since the 308 GTB – 40 years ago. The focus appears to have been on increasing both power and downforce making the car appealing to both road and track enthusiasts alike. Although no pricing details have been released yet, it’s possible the 488 GTB could be a significant game changer for the Ferrari range with it being significantly faster, more powerful and efficient than its larger engined predecessors such as the 458 Italia.


rolls-royce-suvFinally, Rolls-Royce has rather cryptically confirmed they are developing a new luxury vehicle that “can cross any terrain” and will be a “high-bodied car, with an all-new aluminium architecture” – in short – an SUV. Rolls-Royce had been toying with the idea for some time and with Bentley announcing their intention to enter the SUV market earlier in the year with teaser shots of the Bentayga, it probably made the decision for them.
Quite whether it’s the right decision for the brand remains to be seen – the luxury SUV market is incredibly competitive already and expectations for the vehicle will be some of the highest of any new model when it hits the road. The omission of the term “SUV” from the announcement is a little odd – it’s possible they are reserving the right to have second thoughts. Roll-Royce stated feedback from their existing client base has influenced the decision to create such a vehicle.