Aston Martin DB10

The iconic British luxury performance car maker has just released images of James Bond’s latest super car, the Aston Martin DB10.

His new car will be called the DB10 and will appear in the next Bond film, titled “Spectre,” scheduled to be released in November 2015

Only 10 will be built initially and they are expected to only be used in the making of the film, so getting your hands on one could be a little tricky.

The DB10 marks the 50th anniversary of Bond’s first appearance in an Aston Martin, which was a 1964 DB5 in the movie Goldfinger.

The car was unveiled at Pinewood Studios near London, where many Bond movies have been filmed.

Although James Bond has driven a number of cars over the years including several BMW’s, a Bentley and a Lotus Esprit amongst others, most people would associate the fictional spy’s character with driving an Aston Martin.