BMW have recently unveiled images of their Vision Future Luxury concept car.  It gives an indication of the direction that BMW may be taking in the future with the use of new and innovative technology complimented by modern luxurious materials.

The German luxury car maker commented that the car has an extremely lightweight body that has been constructed of carbon fibre and aluminium. The whole body shape has been designed to reduce drag and the use of carbon fibre has allowed for openings to be positioned at the front and rear of the car to help channel airflow more efficiently.

The use for the first time on a BMW of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) allows for more compact and slim-line exterior lighting clusters.

This new body design combined with a newly designed user interface and interior (which the company terms as “subtractive modelling”) is said to “cater optimally for the needs of all occupants”, the rear seats for instance are described as a “luxurious haven of personal space”.

The Vision Future Luxury concept also uses BMW’s latest incarnation of its “Vision Head Up Display” whereby real time exterior information like traffic signs and speed limits are projected on to the windscreen, allowing the driver to see the information without having to look away from the road ahead.

The Vision Future Luxury car will most likely remain just a concept. It is expected however, that some of the technology and styling will no doubt find its way on to future BMW models, especially the 7 Series.