Free Mortgage Advice

Selecting the right mortgage product to match your circumstances can be a confusing and daunting experience, especially with the vast amount of lenders that are offering a wide variety of products.

Finding the right mortgage deal can also be a time consuming process, time that could be better spent looking for that dream home.

At The Wealth Scene we work with a nationwide group of independent mortgage advisers. These advisers have access to the best mortgage deals currently available for first time buyers, remortgaging and commercial mortgages (see below).

Commercial lending can be a very complex area and lenders will typically offer a rate which is determined by the strength of your application.  It may be possible to secure a lower rate by using our brokers rather than you going direct to a lender, this is due to our brokers years of experience in submitting commercial proposals to lenders.

Our brokers can usually secure funding for any of the uses below (subject to status)

  • Investor purchases of multiple flats on one title
  • Investor purchases of HMO’s
  • Investor purchases of semi-commercial properties such as a shop or offices with flats above
  • Investor purchases of any type of commercial property
  • Owner occupied semi-commercial property
  • Owner occupied commercial property

Please complete the contact form below if you would like a free no obligation chat with one of our independent mortgage brokers.


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