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student housing

Student Housing as an Alternative Investment

Could investing in new student housing and accommodation properties be an alternative in the current housing market? From Liverpool to Newcastle and now London, a...
Long-term Rental Agreements

UK Rental Market Overview

Investors in the London buy to let property sector are beginning to look at other parts of Britain particularly in the North where lower...
UK Property Values in 2017 -London property

UK Property Values in 2017

What are homes in London and in other parts of Britain are worth as a result of uncertain economic times and politics? The total...
pension savings

New Equity Release Figures Show Biggest Quarterly Rise For 11 Years

Equity release lending in Q3 2015 increased by £68.3m compared with the previous quarter: the biggest quarterly rise since Q2-Q3 2004 (£78.4m) as more...
Money Laundering

Change in anti-money laundering legislation is crucial for London property market

Despite having tight controls in place to prevent them being used for money laundering, Sandfords, a Central and North West London agent, are urging...
North West Peninsula

The Secret Paradise of the North West Peninsula: Top Tips for Luxurious Living

In a tucked away corner of the North West peninsula, lies the Wirral. Propped up between Liverpool and Cheshire, also close by to Chester...