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London's new Tech Hubs

Property prices set to surge in London’s new Tech Hubs

Luxury Estate Agent Kay & Co, is predicting a surge of interest in parts of central London, which are about to become London’s new...
Crestron - Luxury Technology for Sumptuous Living

Crestron – Luxury Technology for Sumptuous Living

Smart technology has been making waves in the world of luxury interiors for some time, but there’s more to lifestyle technology than closing the...
Tech Company

Want to become a Billionaire? Then start a tech company!

Do you want to join the ranks of the super-rich by becoming a billionaire? Then building a tech company could be the way to...

Nike’s Luxury Concept Jet for Professional Sports Teams

Nike has collaborated with design firm Teague to create the ultimate luxury, futuristic looking private jet for professional athletes. The emphasis is very much on...