Most of us know about its geographical location right next to Spain’s world famous Costa del Sol. Sotogrande and Marbella just along the coast road, with its beaches and more than 60 golf courses. Even skiing is only two hours away by car in Granada with Madrid less than three hours by train from Malaga.

The Mediterranean climate is perfect with wonderful summers, balmy winters and a healthy place to live.

But what is not so well known is it’s excellent tax advantages aimed at High Net Wealth Individuals ( HNWI’s ) Seeking a sympathetic haven away from higher rate tax locations.Now in excess of 50% in the UK and much more when additional levies and reduced allowances are taken into account.

Gibraltar has recently revised it’s tax liabilities for qualifying HNWI’s. The maximum annual tax now payable by Category 2 persons can be as little as £22k! The savings for many can therefore run into hundreds of thousands pounds and for some, even more.

Remember also that Gibraltar does not have CGT..CTT..VAT and a Corporation tax of just 10% The Gaming industry continues to benefit from low taxes and levies and each week see’s new arrivals to join this fast expanding sector. Now probably the world’s leading centre for on-line gambling.

We work closely with local developers to bring you the best new properties available and re-sales as well. Sometimes including properties reserved by local investors at the  initial launch of a development…maybe two or three years ago. But now unable to secure funding to complete..and these often include qualifying Cat 2 properties.

Currently we have such opportunities for investors likely to attract the appropriate Cat 2 qualifying status and which can be purchased below list price.

For more information on these and other properties, as well as improving tax advantages in Gibraltar please contact us today.

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