• Moderate to high tax payable on rental income.
  • Largest country in Latin America.
  • Pro landlord rental market.
  • High inflation.
  • Moderate property purchase transaction costs.

Brazil is one of the B.R.I.C. countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), these four are expected to have the strongest economies by 2050.

Property prices in Brazil are rising at an alarming rate and construction is booming. This growth is helped no doubt by the fact that the country will host the next F.I.F.A World Cup tournament and the 2016 Olympics.

Brazil Statistics

  • Population : 182 Million
  • Capital : Brasilia
  • Coastline : 7,491 km
  • Language : Portuguese
  • Currency : Real
  • Religion : Christianity
  • Government : Federative Republic
  • GDP per capita : $11,769


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