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Recently voted one of the top 10 countries in the world for long term tourism growth, Cape Verde has a lot to offer potential investors.

This archipelago of ten islands and five islets lay off the coast of West Africa, which is on the same latitude as Barbados. It has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful beaches, green mountains, guaranteed year round sunshine and an average temperature of 27ºC.

The long term growth in tourism (which has increase by 115% since 2000) is set to have a positive impact on the archipelago’s real estate investment market.

Cape Verde also offers political, religious and economic stability. This is key to any potential overseas investment.

The Islands now receive more than 40 international flights a week and the flying time from the UK is only five and a half hours , on par with places like Cyprus.

Investing in Real Estate in Cape Verde can be via fractional or outright ownership and starts from as little £10,000

Cape Verde beach

Cape Verde offers:

  • Freehold properties built to 5-star standard by a leading UK based property developer
  • Different payment options to suit your budget
  • Investment levels start from as little £10,000
  • Up to 7% return on deposit during construction
  • Rental income between 6-9%
  • Capital growth between 4-6%
  • Buy with cash or with your pension
  • Up to 5 weeks of free accommodation

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