Elkano 15 Roof Terrace

Elkano 15 –  A Development With Traditional Elegance Met with Tomorrow’s Technologies

Leading estate agency, Urbane Barcelona, is marketing a new development in Barcelona’s up-and-coming district of Poble Sec. Elkano 15 offers stunning apartments which match traditional elegance with tomorrow’s technology to offer the ultimate contemporary pad.

Elkano, 15 is a modernist building, which is being renovated and restored by a handpicked team of architects and master craftsmen. Their work is being supervised under the watchful gaze of the Patrimony Society of Barcelona’s city hall. The end result of this careful and meticulous work is a series of elegant apartments that embrace the essence of the Mediterranean: white walls and exposed wooden beams as well as large windows to offer lots of natural light into the open plan living spaces. The interior designer has added splashes of colour into the interior created by hand-painted Catalan hydraulic floor tiles to dramatic effect.

Poble Sec is a wonderful place to base yourself in Barcelona. It’s timeless but always changing. Rooted but restless. Diverse but with a definite character. Poble Sec is vibrant. Stroll through its narrow streets and you’ll find a kaleidoscopic world of culture, community and cuisine. Tapas bars teem with happy families and couples enjoying classic snacks at bargain prices. Diners raise toasts in Michelin starred restaurants before going to the theatre

The apartments are priced from €450,000-€1,100,000. To find out more, visit www.beurbane.co.uk/elkano-15-restored-modernist-luxury-in-poble-sec

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