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When travelling for business or pleasure the humble car rental rarely gets much thought – often seen as a necessity as opposed to something to be enjoyed or even relished. With the luxury and exotic car rental sectors now offering more of a range and wider availability – it’s now a lot easier to rent cars that can not only be a lot more comfortable to drive, but also a lot more fun!

Speed and Comfort – The BMW M6

2015 brings us 3 new versions of the BMW M6. The M6 Convertible and M6 Coupe are both 2 seaters and the M6 Gran Coupe which is a little larger will seat 4. Aside from expanding the range itself there are several styling, performance and technological upgrades to the 2015 M6 including a laptimer app so you can be a little more interactive with the car itself.

The 2014 BMW M6 will still be available to rent in most European countries – to get a quote or find out more click here.

Power and Off-road – The Range Rover Sport SVR

Land Rover arguably has the last word when it comes to 4×4 and off-road driving with the Range Rover side of the brand catering for the luxury/comfort sector. Along with the Discovery, Evoque, Vogue and Sport.

Tested at the Nurburgring earlier in the year, the SVR certainly demonstrates what is traditionally seen as a cumbersome vehicle can indeed be made with high performance in mind.


A Drivers Dream Improved – Ferrari California T

Ferrari has always stood out from the crowd as far as supercars are concerned, the California (released in 2009) still listed as the most successful model for the prancing horse brand. 2015 sees Ferrari taking the bold step of improving on the original by releasing a turbo charged version giving what was already an incredibly attractive car a significant boost in performance and handling as the following video demonstrates.

The standard Ferrari California has been one of the most popular rentals in the summer of 2014 – we expect to see a similar demand for this automotive beauty. The standard Ferrari California will still be available for hire in most regions.

Electrifying Performance and Design – BMW i8

Another offering from BMW – this time in the form of the i8. Reportedly one of the most difficult new cars to get a dealer test drive in 2014, the i8 really does offer a very different experience for the performance car enthusiast.

With scissor doors and futuristic design as standard, the 2015 i8 is set to be even more powerful with changes to both its electric and traditional engines. It is also rumoured an “M” version will be produced with even more power and further improved performance. The 2014 BMW i8 is available to rent across most of Europe.

All of these vehicles (and many more) are available to rent across Europe, to find out more or get a quote – visit


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